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About Angela

Angela is a certified hypnotherapist through the International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT) and the HypnoRegression Institute. Specializing in both clinical hypnosis and spiritual healing through trance therapy, she carries a wide range of experience to help guide you into transformation.  


Angela discovered her own connection to the Greater Mind through trance during a dance class at the age of 11.  Since then, she has been navigating the realms of altered state consciousness to bring messages and healing to others.  Moving from somatic healing and magnetic field body work into verbal channelling in recent years, Angela has come to a profound understanding. Rather than inducing her own state of trance to bring messages to others, the most effective way to create change is to guide them into their own state of trance — to have a personal experience with their own subconscious connections.


Diving into studies in Hypnosis and altered state therapy, Angela began training under world-renowned Regressionist and master Hypnotherapist, Bryn Blankenship, author of The Limitless Soul.  Bryn is an approved instructor for the Michael Newton Institute, and creator of the HypnoRegression and HypnoBridge Processes.   


Angela's focuses include healing from Painful or Repressed Memories, Anxiety and Stress Relief, Interpersonal Relationships and Family Counseling,  Unlocking Metaphysical Gifts & Abilities, Past Life Regression, and Personal GuideWork. 

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